High-paced expert consultancy improving teams using the Atlassian platform.

About Blue Pencil

The blue pencil is a concept from the graphic design and print industry where it is used to annotate documents, add improvements to a creative work for the author to make an even better version. These blue annotations are not copied using traditional processes, so you only see the improved work itself. At Blue Pencil, this is exactly how I want to help people out there: suggest improvements, iterate and work together in achieving something that’s even better than our wildest dreams. With more than 10 years of exclusive focus on projects in the Atlassian ecosystem, Tom Moors is eager to help you out on your next endeavor. Since 2016, he is a certified Jira and Confluence professional.



Do you need a hands-on consultant to help you with a new project, assessing the current state of your tools or help you structuring the current way of working? Let’s get in touch!

Bootstrap 'n beyond

Moving to a new tool or even starting fresh can be a bit daunting at the beginning. By bootstrapping you on the platform and pushing you forward, you’ll reach new heights very soon!


Do you want to automate a tedious task? Want to validate an idea? Start an integration project with a small set of scripts? A dedicated app? Let’s see how we can achieve an early outcome.


Getting the full potential needs people to be on the same page. Training end-users, trainers or even creating training materials for internal or external usage? Let’s discuss your needs


Tooling centered at the teams needs a whole set of integrations in order to get all kinds of processes flowing. No matter what kind of integration you are looking for, I’m eager to dive in


Installing instance on you own premises, upgrading, consolidating, migrating, tuning and improving, … Don’t worry, I can help.


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